About Us

Organization Background

Kula no na Po’e Hawai’i (KNNPH) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides educational activities for members of the Hawaiian Homestead communities of Papakolea, Kewalo, and Kalawahine Streamside. KNNPH was formed in 1992 by a group of concerned community women who wanted to improve the educational skills of area children and strengthen relationships between parents and the school system. Over the years, the educational vision of KNNPH has broadened to offer trainings and activities that focus not only on the education of the community, but also on the importance of good health. Selected examples of these programs include wellness clinics, education and social programs for youth, nutrition, exercise, traditional Hawaiian healing classes, literacy fairs, and family strengthening workshops.

One of the most significant achievements of KNNPH was securing funding in 1999 to develop a capacity-building infrastructure plan to assume management of the state-controlled local community center in Papakolea. This funding allowed KNNPH to take over the lease of the community center in September 2002 and establish the Papakolea Community Development Corporation (PCDC) to manage the facility. This achievement was born out of a decade-long community initiative to reclaim the space of the community, and in doing so, reclaim buried hopes and dreams, family well-being, individual accomplishment, and community pride. The process of reclaiming the community facility has resulted in a rejuvenated sense of unity that has manifested itself in newly energized collaborations. KNNPH now works out of the Papakolea Community Center providing health and education services partnering with the various academic institutions that support our community.